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Welcome to PhreshStudios. We are a small music company with big dreams and huge aspirations! We write and produce both music and artists of various genres capturing the very essence of creativity, emotion, imagery, concept, and uniqueness.

Our company operates under different entities; DBA (Doing Business As), PhreshStudios, AKJ Productions, and DAS Records, ALL of which fall under the parent company Phresh Publishing, LLC. Although Phresh Publishing, LLC wasn’t established until 2010, we have endeavored under the aforementioned entities since 1996, and our growth has been steady. In the grand scheme of things Phresh Publishing, LLC covers a lot of ground with regard to the music industry and the business scene behind it. As a publishing company there isn’t an artist we can’t produce and publish. We have also engrossed ourselves in the jingle business.

At our studio we provide the best in digital recording, mixing and editing, ADR, VoiceOvers, music production (pre and post), video production (pre and post), and we use the best industry standard DAW software to get the job done right!

We would love to have you as a client. Feel free to continue to navigate the website and listen to some of the samples of music and jingles created at PhreshStudios. Also your feedback is valuable to us, so please leave your comments and THANK YOU for visiting our website!


Aaron Phresh Johns

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  1. While the masses may move toawrds a more digital publication system and I see the use of items like the Kindle being more popular and wide spread in society in the coming years I just do not believe that the publishing companies will go 100% digital. I have several friends who have a digital readers and while they like them and use them regularly they all say the same thing It just does not FEEL like a book. And they continue to purchase non-digital books.In that same light, Clay Jenkinson who protrays Mr. Jefferson, has a Kindle and stated this week on The Jefferson Hour that while he also has a Kindle and uses it regularly, especially when traveling, he still purchases Bound books.I believe that eventually there will come a balance between Digital and Print much like the balance with the music industry and folks like collectors and stogy ol goats like me will continue to purchase the bound books and the collectors editions and even occasionally that limiteds along side the lettered editions.NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

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